Great Work Foundation is the legal entity identifying an indigenous peoples’ movement, that seeks to conserve, protect and nurture a nascent evolutionary process of Mindanao’s First Peoples’ entrance into the 21st Century with their evolved tribal-ness intact and functional. The key persons animating and leading the Great Work Tribal Movement are a new generation of tribal leaders, calling themselves Ta-u Temonok, meaning people who walk upon the earth, bare feet to bare ground, ‘earthwalkers.’ Although each of the Earthwalkers claims to be no more than an ordinary tribal person striving to meet high standards of leadership and professionalism, they are persons who have weathered considerable hardship in the service of their tribes and homelands over a decade of boot-camp training and frontline field experience.

The Earthwalkers, presently numbering but a dozen and a half Tboli and Bla-an founders, have:

  • Authored the Great Work Master Plan
  • Initiated a system of collective self learning;
  • Established an inter-village network of Traditional village leaders and their advisers Women in village governance, Tribal youth, both students and out-of-school, Professional tribal persons;
  • Negotiated peaceful settlements of land conflicts;
  • Organized public events: festivals, medical missions, demonstrations.

The Earthwalkers now stand ready to quadruple their numbers and fully implement the tribes’ Master Plan.